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#1 First Steps [Why I Started This Blog]


Initial thoughts

Have you ever thought about learning the ups and downs of electronics?

Maybe you wanted something nerdy but educational to do with your son or daughter?

I’ve certainly had those thoughts. I just never got around to doing something about it.


But one day I thought to myself:

“Mikkel (that’s my name :-)), if you don’t get your head out of your ass and do something, you’ll never have the ability to teach your kid about electronics!”


So I decided to take action and see where it would go.

I don’t have a strong background in electronics. But that is not essential. The desire to learn is there, and I just have to put some gasoline on the fire – so to speak. 


Then what

So, it’s easy to register a domain and get some hosting for it – then what. 

I guess the first thing to do is for me to actually find out how I’ll structure this whole thing.

As I’m writing this I have a basic understanding of electronics, volts, amperes and circuits, but how should I pass that knowledge on to you, and how will we go forwards from that?


I’m thinking we’ll start with a very simple circuit setup, just to see what happens. Something like a battery, a switch, a resistor and a light emitting diode. 

Maybe that’s nonsense to you (well I hope you know what a battery is ;-)). So I’ll do my very best to explain it in the first guide I create. 

If there is a link in this post it means that I’ve created the guide. I think I’ll call it A Simple Electronic Circuit for Beginners. 


The way forward

complex equations
It won’t be like this. No complex equations and smushy drawings.

The mantra going forward is: “simple is better”. I don’t want to use fancy math and equations, I want to make everything easy to understand. 

To get the message through my weapon of choice should be some kind of software which is easy to use and easy to read. 

At one point in my googling, I stumbled upon something called Fritzing. It looked interesting. 



Bare essentials

I think my next update will be my thoughts on how to get started. 

The bare essentials for starting out, and some helpful tools. 

So stay tuned – it’s nice to have you on board.


Maker Dad out!


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