Innova 3320 digital multimeter review

Innova 3320


Should you go for the Innova 3320 or not? Here is a quick summary of this review, if you’re in a hurry. If this doesn’t look like the multimeter for you, have a look at all the other reviews available.

The battery tester on this unit is particularly useful. While other multimeters usually just measure the voltage of the battery, the 3320 has the unique feature of three LEDs that will show the status of the battery. Another great feature is the auto-shutoff. So if you’re deep into your project and forget to turn off the tester, it’ll do it on it’s own. 15 minutes of inactivity, which seems like a good time frame. It’s preferable that it doesn’t shut off too quickly, if you’re crawling around in the insulation on your attic 😉 Another useful feature is the low battery indicator, which will show up on the screen. The design and build quality of the unit is great. It features a big screen with easily readable digits, a color-coded dial for easy and fast switching between modes.

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Maker Dad verdict

Build quality 3.5/5

Versatility 4/5

Precision 4/5

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First hands on the Innova 3320 – it is rather small and fits well in the hand given the dimensions: 1.25″ (32mm) x 5.5″ (140mm) x 3.5″ (89mm) – and it weighs in at 6.3 ounces (180g). The rubber casing is well made when considering the price – and the clips for the probes are quite handy for storage purposes. It comes with a strap on the back, which is suitable for securing the multimeter in your hand, when measuring on the move. When stationary it has a foldable kickstand, so it can be easily parked on the workshop table. Despite it’s small size, the display is well proportioned and easy to read. The units are crisp, as you can see in the video further down in the review. Colorful pictograms on the dial makes it quite easy to switch to the option you need for the specific task – though the dial itself seems a little cheap, although sturdy enough. The probes are not the best, they also seem quite cheap and the tips are not that sharp.

In the video below you can see the Innova 3320 in action. This guy shows how to measure the voltage of a car battery.

When measuring with the Innova 3320 you have quite a few possibilities; AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, resistance, diodes and continuity. It doesn’t have the possibility to measure frequency or capacitance. Given these restrictions, this multimeter would be best suited for smalltime diy or automotive. Even though there are a few limitations, it does what it does well, and the accuracy is quite good. When looking a current measurements it does quite well with up to 200mA DC current fused and 10A DC current unfused. Be aware when measuring current (and measuring in general)! If you’re the least bit in doubt, consult with someone who knows more than you.

You can consult with the manual for inspiration and knowledge about the different measuring possibilities on the Innova 3320. Click here to find it. You can also find other useful information such as ranges and accuracy, which will come in handy if you get nerdy 🙂

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What’s in the box?

– Innova 3320 multimeter

– Probes

– Manual

– 1xAAA battery

On the downside

Continuity tester has a delay of around 0.5 secs. It is something you have to get used to, some can and some can’t. And again, it takes quite some time for the auto-range to scale down when measuring on low values. So in general the Innova 3320 is a but slow on some applications. To be honest it is to be expected of a unit in this price range.

Bottom line

For a cheap price you’ll get quite a few functions in this multimeter. Because of it’s fine build quality, it will serve you a long time. Might be best as a starter multimeter or a second one to take some banging in the toolbox. Since it’s quite versatile you will find it useful in most situations and as described in the review, it is easy to use and has has some unique features. That’s why it is Maker Dad recommended. Happy measuring!

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