AstroAI AM33D digital multimeter review

Here is a real budget multimeter. It is for the maker who doesn’t require a whole lot. It is quite obvious to the touch, that is a cheaper model – but don’t be fooled. Despite of the cheap look and feel, it still performs alright. All the great reviews on Amazon is a testament to this. The AstroAI AM33D will be a perfect fit for you, if you need a multimeter for hobby projects, and don’t require much. It is also good for someone just starting out, needing to try something out before buying a more expensive model.

Key features AstroAI AM33D

  • Backlit LCD
  • Large digital display
  • Hold
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Buzzer on continuity measuring
  • Low battery indication
  • Dimensions: 5.1″ (130mm) x 2.8″ (71mm) x 1.4″ (36mm)
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces (250 grams)

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What’s in the box?

– AstroAI AM33D

– Probes

– 9V battery

– User manual

Complete review of the AstroAI AM33D

It’s hard to walk past the AstroAI AM33D, when looking for a cheap multimeter. It is not a coincidence that it has so many reviews and buys on Amazon. For the hobbyist and home-tinkerer, it can do quite a lot, for almost no money at all. Build quality is what is to be expected from a unit in this price range, and safety ratings are nothing to write home about. So it is ill-advised to use this multimeter for mains measuring. Keep it to small and simple projects and it will do you well. Also it is great for measuring on appliances – but stay away from hard-wired installations in your house or workshop.

Despite it’s low price, it is quite accurate, which really remarkable in this price range. It doesn’t have auto-ranging, but I think that is a good thing for the new electronics hobbyist. It forces you to think a bit about what you’re measuring on, and therefore which range you need to be dialed in to. Another great feature of the AstroAI AM33D is the size. It is quite handy, and fit right into you pocket or your most essential tool kit.

Below is a video of a guy viewing the AstroAI AM33D up close and showing what it can do.

Bottom line

Since you’ve come across this multimeter, you’re most likely attracted to it’s price. Rightly so – it comes as a great little package, for an even smaller price. It has all the features a hobbyist needs – with some premium features like backlit LCD display and foldable kick-stand. If you want something with a little more quality to the feel, check out our comparison review.

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