Klein MM700 digital multimeter review

From the solid US company Klein Tools, this multimeter is strong on features for almost every job out there. It is for the quality-oriented maker, who needs a premium tool, for some serious projects. With True RMS, CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V rating, it can be used for all imaginable domestic projects. It has a big display and easily readable symbols on the dial. Since it also feels great to the touch and build quality is superb, it will be a joy to work with and you won’t be able to stop measuring on stuff 😉 The Klein MM700 is the perfect pick if you want something that will last years to come and not get outdated.

Key features Klein MM700

  • True RMS
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Very sturdy casing
  • Hold
  • Auto and manual range
  • Buzzer on continuity measuring
  • mA, μA, duty cycle, frequency, capacitance and temperature measuring
  • Dimensions: 9.9″ (251mm) x 2.7″ (69mm) x 5.7″ (145mm)
  • Weight: 10.1 ounces (286 grams)

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What’s in the box?

– Klein MM700

– Test leads

– Alligator clips

– Carrying pouch

– Thermocouple with leads

– Manual

– 2xAAA batteries

Complete review of the Klein MM700

This really is an allround multimeter. You can use it in the garage on small and large project, or you can take it with you at work if you’re employed in the electrical field. With True RMS your measuring will be possible even with the most crooked sinusoidal waves. It will particularly come in handy if you regularly work on computers, HVAC or solid state applications.

The Klein MM700 has a backlit display, which always is handy. The construction is very tough and it is tested to withstand drops up to 6’6″ (2m). All in all it just feels great to the touch – real quality merchandise. When using it at a stationary workstation it has a nice stand. On the move the probes can be clipped to the back, to keep the tips safe in the toolbox. After 30 minutes on-time it will power off to save battery, and when the battery is low you will get an indication in the display. Battery life is quite good, but not the best we’ve seen – but then again it only has two AAA batteries, where some competitors have three.

It has all the measuring possibilities one would need; mA, μA, duty cycle, frequency, capacitance and temperature. Measure up to 600V on CAT IV rating or 1000V on CAT III rating, but current measuring is sadly limited to 10A. Actually according to the manual, you should not measure 6A for more than 30 seconds. If you do, a 10 minute cooldown time is advised. It has it’s limitations, but if you’re not measuring current every day, it shouldn’t be a problem. The connections are fuse-protected, a 10A fuse for the high Amp measuring and a 500mA fuse for the mA measuring. If you accidentially (or intentionally ;-)) blow the fuses, they are easy accessible behind the cover on the back.

Below is a video of an unboxing. It shows the multimeter first hand, with all the accessories.

Bottom line

Even though current measuring is limited, the MM700 has some really nice features. It is hard to beat in it’s prices range. It can’t beat the Fuke 117 digital multimeter overall, but for the price it is a really strong competitor.

So, it’s really hard to beat in it’s price range – Klein is a family business of several generations of electricians, and it really shines through in their products. Everyday usability is second to none. If you’re on a tighter budget, check out the Klein MM400. If you have a little more to spend it is worth to check out the Klein MM1000. If you decide to go with the MM700, you will have a great multimeter for years to come.

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