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We have tested several multimeters to find the best suited for you makers. The one that really stood out was the Mastech MS8268 Digital multimeter. It really is a great value multimeter and we think it is the best digital multimeter out there for the non-professional. Key features are: Affordable, sturdy, wide range and backlit LCD display. Read on below to find the best multimeter for your use, whether it’s a good cheap multimeter or just the best multimeter for a specific task, that you’re interested in.

Maker Dad budget pick Mastech MS8268, great value for money. Has a lot of features and the price is small. Fine build quality.

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Maker Dad best pick Klein MM700, lots of features and great CAT rating, for a reasonable price. A multimeter that will serve you well for a long time.

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Let’s get on with it. We’ve put together this review to show you the possibilities within this genre of awesome testers. Since you’ve ended up on this site, you probably know a thing or two about multimeters. If you don’t you should check out this guide: “What is a multimeter used for?

Table of contents 

Important safety notice

Comparison table

Review section

What to consider before buying a multimeter

Important safety notice

If you will be measuring on circuits with a voltage higher than 30V, please consider going for a multimeter with a high safety rating. The safety rating can be identified as a number of categories. It is classified by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and divided into categories:


For measurements NOT connected to the mains. Multimeters in this category will most likely not protect against transient stresses (a momentary increase from the normal value).


For measurements connected to the low voltage part of the mains. Electrical hand tools etc.


For measurements carried out in building and industrial applications. Examples are circuit boards, busbars, junction boxes etc.


For measurements performed at the source of the low voltage installation (i.e. very close to the transformer horns (if you are measuring in this area you are most likely a professional)).

Voltage rating

It is important to note, which voltage rating a multimeter is rated for in the different categories. As an example the “Fluke ……. AFFILIATE LINK” is rated for 1000V in CAT III but only 600V in CAT IV. Be aware of this. Also the probes need to have the same or better rating as the multimeter. This will most likely apply if the two are bought together.

Comparison table

NamePriceKey Feature... 
Klein MM700$$$$Auto RMS rangingCheck out on Amazon
Mastech MS8268$$Incorrect connection warningCheck out on Amazon
AstroAI AM33D$Cheap!Check out on Amazon
Etekcity MSR-C600$$Clamp for current measuringCheck out on Amazon
Innova 3320$$Auto-turnoffCheck out on Amazon
AstroAI WH5000A$$3-year warrantyCheck out on Amazon
Innova 3340$$$Great for automotiveCheck out on Amazon
Klein MM400$$$Very sturdyCheck out on Amazon
Extech EX330$$$Non-contact volt-detectionCheck out on Amazon

Review section

Klein MM700 –

Mastech MS8268 –

AstroAI AM33D –

Etekcity MSR-C600 –

Innova 3320 –

AstroAI WH5000A –

Innova 3340 –

Klein MM400 –

Extech EX330 –

What to consider before buying a multimeter

There are a few things to consider before buying a multimeter. Taking a moment to get clear on these will get you a tool that is optimized for your need. 

  1. What voltages are you going to measure on?
  2. Are you going to create new circuits or find faults on existing ones?
  3. Which measuring accuracy (or inaccuracy) can you live with?
  4. What is your budget?

If you are still not sure which multimeter to get, check out this article: “How do I choose the best multimeter?”.

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